For every instrument there is an international society, but there is nothing for bows. I guess bowmakers are lonely wolfs and have little contact with each other. It is time to use internet to bring them together. This site is not only a forum, it offers much more. The site is open to everyone, but to use the forum one most become a member.

There is much less scientific work about bows than about violins. In the future we might be able to sponsor or at least give a platform to new scientific research. In the meantime we will try to gather a list of interesting articles about bows in the library


If you want to become a member, please contact me. The members list is open to the public and could help you to spread your name throughout the world. 

Once you are a member you can ask any question you have to the other members in the forum

You also have access to the  bowmakers panel This could become a new form of certification.

There is a marketplace for bows and parts, like frogs and buttons. If you, for example have a nice frog of a master bow and you look for a matching stick, you can advertise it for free. Or if you have a client for, let’s say a Dominque Peccate bow in mint condition, you can ask on the site if somebody of the other members has it for sale.

This site wants to bring more transparency and openness in the bowmaker’s world. 

Please join in and contact me

Andreas Grütter

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